Take control of your job search Know when someone views your resume

Create a custom resume link for each job application and receive alerts when someone views it.

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Create your Resume Computer account to get started.

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Add Resume Content ✍️

Add your information once and use it across different resumes.

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Create a Resume 📄

Choose Resume Content relevant to each job application and customize each resume to look, read and feel like the company you're applying to.

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Resume link 🤝 Job application

Each Resume Link is created for a specific job application. Use 1 Resume link for 1 Job application so you can track if and when someone views it.

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Stats keep you informed 📈

Know that traffic coming to one of your Resume links is coming from someone related to the company you applied to.

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Follow-up intentionally 👋

It's a good time to follow-up when one of your resumes is getting a lot of traffic.

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